Detrics IOS meredon, a software-solution for the Aviation Industry
The Intra-operational Scheduler meredon supplies full functionality for small GroundService Stations and Commercial Carriers (LCCs).

Developed from scratch and covering several IATA-specifications, it serves as a single point of entry for all assets involved, from aircraft, staff, and groundservices to airliners and scheduling.

IOS meredon is a web-application based on proven technologies.
IOS meredon is in use at GRQ as DCS from April 2012, handling all flights.
GroundService Functional specifications (excerpt)

Carrier specifications (excerpt)
A fresh new start in airport IT
The fastest and best service for your passengers, with minimal overhead? Meet IOS Meredon. A revolutionary integrated software system that allows you to handle all the processes at your airport. Easier to use, safer, more flexible and efficient than any other existing systems for flight handling.
The first integrated software for flight handling IOS Meredon is developed from scratch, based on the latest and most secure open source technologies and agile design principles. It is the first integrated software package that supports all processes at your airport, making your current systems redundant.
IOS Meredon is proving for years that airports can offer a better service to passengers with fewer people. It is future-ready. Check-in online or with touchpads is also possible with IOS Meredon..
IOS Meredon supports all stages of the flight handling process:
· Flight scheduling
· Check-in desk
· Seat assignment
· Tag printing
· Boarding
· In / outbound SSIM messaging (IATA compliant)
IOS Meredon can be used concurrently with existing/proprietary DCS-systems, enabling seamless transition-scenario's.
One system for all your handling
The result of over 10 years of development
IOS Meredon was founded in 2003 in the Netherlands by aviation and ICT professionals. They were stunned by the fact that an industry where safety and efficiency are so crucial was running on outdated, inefficient and vulnerable software. Software which also is barely able to respond to the rapidly changing needs of customers and airlines.
The ambition of IOS Meredon is to develop the best software for flight handling. Not with separate applications, but with an integrated and user-friendly solution that covers all processes in and around groundstations from a to z. The result is a complete, cost-effective and easy-to-use package that allows you to save on overhead and delivers relevant management information. And with IOS Meredon you are no longer depending on expensive, outdated systems.
IOS Meredon simply adapts to your situation No airport is the same, and each plane and airline has specific requirements. IOS Meredon takes this into account. The system is easy to adjust, even per airliner and flight. This can done without the intervention of expensive specialists. Be amazed by the ease with which you can customize the software. And is your airport growing? IOS Meredon grows with you effortlessly.
Perfect integration of hardware and software
IOS Meredon partly runs on its own hardware. This ensures optimum stability. We ourselves can change your ICT structure, so no expensive external consultancy is needed. Moreover, this creates an unprecedented short implementation time. Within a few weeks we can install IOS Meredon turn-key at your airport.
Processes at airports are complex enough. We make it easy.
IOS Meredon is unbeatable when it comes to ease of use. Employees hardly need any training. Therefore, you can simply let them perform multiple functions, which can increase the flexibility of your organization.
Flight scheduling
Scheduling was never this simple
Creating schedules, the maintenance of assets like fleets and EDP and the processing of back-office work has never been so easy. IOS Meredon does most of it all automated. Information only has to be entered once. This doesn't only save time, but minimizes the risk of errors as well. Instead of working with different systems, your employees need to know only one system. They can use both workstations and mobile devices to access IOS Meredon.
Seating, adjusting the layout of an aircraft and preparing the load sheet is done by IOS Meredon in a split second. IOS Meredon supports EDP/AHM560-persistence, thus enabling an integrated coverage and automated generation of weight-and- balance documents.
Flight provisioning and check-in
Unnecessary queues and long boarding times belong to the past
Spare your passenger the queue
With IOS Meredon, a checkin-kiosk is not bound by a single carrier or flight. IOS Meredon supports 'flight-agnostic check-in', and can handle all current flights concurrently at a single desk.
Customers never have to look for the right desk. And once their turn, they are also helped very quickly: hourly IOS Meredon can easily handle 150 passengers, even if luggage labels need to be printed and places need to be allocated. Unnecessary queues and long boarding times belong to the past, thanks to IOS Meredon. The system is so user friendly that your staff hardly need any training.
Every airliner has its own procedures and regulations. IOS Meredon is very easy to adapt to them, making the airlines' own systems redundant.
Thanks to the use of barcodes, passengers can board quickly and effortlessly. IOS Meredon can handle up to 225 passengers in 15 minutes! At the check-in, the boarding card and identity papers are scanned in. During boarding this information can be shown on the screens of your employees, allowing them to perform an additional visual check for maximum safety.
Your employees can see instantly which passengers are boarded and which are not. IOS Meredon can inform passengers individually proactively, by sending them a SMS or email for example on departure, a change in the gateway or a delay.
Web-checkin is being offered by airliners increasingly. This is convenient for passengers, but groundstations are facing postponed head-counts. By integrating an extra counting-moment at the security-lane, IOS meredon compensates for this and can provide preliminary W&B-sheet data again. By reading traveldocument-data at that point, an extra security-measure during boarding is possible as well
In/outbound messaging
Automated information exchange
All the messages that you receive or have to send according to a flight is automatically handled by IOS Meredon. Conversion or manual input with the risk of errors is no longer an issue. Passenger lists and luggage overviews are generated with a press of a button, in seconds.
The information meets all international guidelines and standards, including the IATA- SIMM format. IOS Meredon has an integrated connection to the SITA-network. If you prefer optimum safety, you can also opt for an encrypted transmission over email, for example. You can store data as long as you wish.
Thanks to the IOS Meredon's low footprint, historic data has a long-term accessibility. People waiting for relatives on an arrival-flight can opt-in for flight-notifications via direct messages over Twitter.
Preparation and validation
IOS meredon is certified by several carriers to produce loadsheets.
Visual assistance is provided both at data-entry as at loadsheet-preparation.
Safety first
Ahead in safety and reliability
Safety and reliability come first in IOS Meredon.
We engage matured best practices regarding security, we use hardened IT enviroments and we monitor.
All data is stored in a state of the art UNIX environment. Data is always sent over SSL and communication only takes place with authenticated partners.
When processing, data is checked in the background constantly. Errors or failures are proactively detected. Moreover, the system is always available thanks to the integration between hardware and software. IOS Meredon works with whitelisted access and role based authorization.
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Software at airports is often the result of decades of modifications and extensions. Separate applications work together thanks to artifice. Therefore they are susceptible to malfunction, inefficient, can not provide optimum safety and are difficult to adjust.
IOS Meredon is a completely new and very user friendly software for flight handling. Developed from scratch and programmed using the latest techniques. It offers an airport everything to work secure, efficient and passenger friendly. IOS Meredon is already being used for years successfully. Would you like to get to know this revolutionary system?
Please contact us for a demonstration at your airport.
IOS meredon is being used as sole DCS at Groningen Airport Eelde (GRQ) since 2012.
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